Eman gets her business mail at Mesta

”My name is Eman and I am an email strategist and copywriter.

My company is called Eman Copy Co. I help businesses make more money with their emails and newsletters. I also help them strengthen their relationship with their subscribers so that they can nurture that audience through email.”

Eman Ismail Eman Copyco

”I need a virtual office because I needed the business address. Obviously all our information as companies goes online and is public, and I didn’t wanna use my home address. I wanted to protect my privacy and have a business address that I could have all my mails sent to.”

"I wanted to protect my privacy and have a business address that I could have all my mails sent to."

”I chose Mesta, because I used to use the coworking space as a physical office. I really like the space and I like Mesta as an organization and a company. I only stopped going because I had a baby. And this way, by using Mesta as a virtual office, I can keep that link with Mesta. 

It also means that I have someone I trust receiving my mail and forwarding me my mail, which is really important. I know and trust Mesta, so I know that they’re gonna take care of my mail.

I also love the fact that I can still come in physically to master out if I want to. So it’s always really nice to have that option and to know that if I need a change of scenery, I can just come in and work for the day from the office as well.” 

"The service has been so smooth that I've almost forgotten that it's set up."

”The service has been so smooth that I’ve almost forgotten that it’s set up. The invoices and payments go out automatically and it’s so smooth and so easy to use. I almost forget that this is set up and only remember it when Mirka sends me my mail  via email.

So it’s that easy. You can set it up and then just forget about it and know that everything is being taken care of. So yeah, I would highly recommend using Mesta as a virtual office.”

You can read more about our virtual office here!

If you are interested in email marketing and business, check out Eman’s Instagram and podcast, where she chats with business owners about their biggest business mistakes.