Jose found a place to focus and stopped procrastinating

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I’m Jose and I’m a researcher at the University of Jyväskylä. I basically conduct research combining field studies and cognitive science, so I try to improve the Finnish film industry as much as I can.

Jose at Mesta Coworking

At the moment I have a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for the study of the decision-making processes in film production from the very beginning to all the phases of the production process, like preproduction and development, shooting sessions, postproduction, and even marketing and advertising. This is one study. The other one is founded by the Association of Finnish Film Directors and the Union of Audiovisual Workers. In that project, I am studying the artistic freedom, work conditions, and well-being of audiovisual workers.

"Being here helped me to focus and not to procrastinate as I used to do before."

I used to work at home. I started working remotely six years ago. I moved to Helsinki in 2017, and for a few months I had an office at Aalto University, but then because the department changed there and so on, I lost my space and started working from home. Then I moved back to Jyväskylä University but decided to stay in Helsinki, so I was working from home. After several years I understood that it was too much for me, so I needed a space outside my place. So I found Mesta. I decided to join and I’m quite happy with the decision actually.”

”I work on deadlines and I don’t have a daily 9 to 5 shift, so I have a tendency to procrastinate a lot during the mornings. I ended up working until 9 or even 10 pm. My free time and my work time were mixed up. Coming to Mesta helped me to focus during the morning time, so I have now my own daily shift that I created myself. Being here helped me to focus and not to procrastinate as I used to do before. It’s so good that when I leave here I can just close my laptop and forget about the University for a while. This is something that I am forcing myself to do. Like of course, I could keep working all evening, but I feel satisfied with the work I do here during the morning. So that’s basically the change. It’s a big change, definitely.”

"I like that Mesta is full of life. But at the same time, it’s so quiet and good for focusing."

I’m very happy so far at Mesta. The place is very chill. I like that it’s full of life. There are a lot of people here and from time to time I have a small chat with them, it’s so nice. But at the same time, it’s so quiet and it’s so good for focusing. So I’m really happy. ”