May is for birds – a new exhibition at Mesta

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May started with lovely bird themed illustrations on our walls. The Start of an Obsession is an exhibition by Seni Illustrations. There are some prints by Inês for sale at Mesta, if you want to take some beauty home!

Seni Illustrations
 ”This project is a true display of love and curiosity, done with no rules besides the simple act of loving the process. There are studies on compositions and techniques, of styles and colors and of a happier working future for myself.
This is what happens when you act on your will to change your life and you follow your passion.”
Seni Illustrations näyttely Mesta Coworkingilla
Seni Illustrations näyttelyn ripustus Mesta Coworkingilla
”My name is Inês and I’m originally from Portugal. I’ve always loved nature and drawing. Over the past year I’ve been focused on transitioning my career path from graphic design to illustration work that showcases my deep respect for nature.
My On Spec work is a reflection of my state of deep focus, and a window for my all-over-the-place mind. I hope you enjoy my drawings at least half as much as I enjoyed making them.”

Instagram & Facebook: @seniillustrations

Herttoniemen coworking-tilamme seinistä kaksi on varattu vaihtuville näyttelyille. Tähän mennessä seinillä on nähty taidetta valokuvasta öljyvärimaalauksiin ja metalligrafiikkaan. 

Jos et ole Mestan asiakas, mutta haluaisit käydä tutustumassa näyttelyyn, se onnistuu sopimalla ajankohta etukäteen.

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