Random moments by Mila Maes

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We begin 2023 with Polaroid art on our walls!

Our first exhibition of the year is ”Random moments” by Mila Maes. Mila is a Polaroid artist and shoots with vintage Polaroid cameras and expired film.

All of the works are for sale and the profits will be donated to Kyiv Volunteer Charity Foundation. If you are interested in purchasing, contact Mirka (mirka@mestacoworking.com).

Mila Maes

Mila has been exposed to photography since childhood, helping her father develop films in the darkroom. As a teen, she was exploring the world with point-and-shoot cameras.

Her interest in film photography never left her, and after trying out different formats, she ended up falling in love with Polaroid. She’s been shooting Polaroid since 2011 and took part in several group exhibitions. In 2022 Mila won Fine Art Photography Award for her series ”Wetlands”.

Through her visual language, she hopes to give a feeling of connection and belonging to this incredible planet.

Mila Maes
Mila Maes

”Each polaroid is unique and to me, it’s like magic – I feel like it creates another dimension. I love the diversity of colour and mood that is possible to achieve with Polaroid film. 

Mostly I shoot our Northern landscapes hoping to catch how beautiful our home is. But I also love experimental photography – Polaroid film offers so many possibilities to create – you can work with emulsion lifts, make polaroid transfers, transparencies, collages, etc. Almost nothing goes to waste – if you’re not happy with the image, you can create something else out of it. 

Polaroid art is my meditation, my way to connect to nature and people, and makes me very happy.”

Mila Maes

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