Tarot, view from afar

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The last exhibition of the year at Mesta is by Mikhail Shubin, an amateur artist based here in Herttoniemi. His exhibition consists of colourful hand drawn Tarot  cards.

It’s worth taking a closer look at each card. You can even purchase your own deck (30 e) by contacting Mikhail directly!

”The origins of Tarot are debated. They were probably designed in  15th century Milan as an education game, illustrating the philosophical principles of mediaeval christian life. Clergy (pope and popess) triumph over civil rulers (emperor and emperors), virtues (Prudence, Justice and Strength) triumph over mundane things, and final judgement triumphs over everything. Around the 18th century, Tarot was appropriated for divination and fortune-telling.”

”For me, Tarot is an artistic challenge, a way to express myself in the same constraints as many  before me. My desk is based on the most recognizable version of the Tarot made by British Art Nouveau illustrator Pamela Colman Smith for a secret society called ”Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” in 1909.”
Mikhail Shubin: Tarot, view from afar
Mikhail Shubin
Mikhail Shubin is an amateur artist based in Herttoniemi.

He creates artworks inspired by architecture, Scandinavian nature, videogames and traditions of European Symbolism.

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