What if you could work in a calm and cozy place, within walking distance from your home, wearing wool socks and even in the middle of the night?

Mesta Coworking brings cozy 24/7 coworking spaces closer to home.

We've worked both from office and remotely from home and cafes for years. That got us thinking. Why couldn't a flexible work space combining relaxed atmosphere, social contacts and proper desks be located closer to home?

Our goal is to make work days nicer and more flexible. To make work fit into our life more naturally. For us, this means a cozy workspace at walking distance from home. A calm space, where it's easy to concentrate on work and meet people. The possibility to quickly drop by at home for lunch or pick your child from daycare without hurrying. 

Simply put:
Nicer workdays and more time for life.

If you think the same way, book a free trial day and come see if workdays at Mesta would make your everyday life nicer.

Mirka Nalimova

Mirka Nalimova

Interested in everything. Loves to travel, photograph and learn languages.

Mirka has helped SME's take their first steps on international markets, lived in Russia and studied at least Marketing, International Relations, Service Design and Futures Studies.

Mirka takes care of marketing, development and customer relations.

+358 40 510 8622

Arto Toivonen

Arto Toivonen

True entrepreneur who can build and fix almost anything.

Arto has been an entrepreneur in the construction industry, run marathons and imported European wines into Finland.

Arto takes care of everything related to our spaces, from finding new spaces to renovation and maintenance.

+358 44 7444 140