Deepak’s workdays became more organized

Meet Deepak! He works remotely with his company in Stockholm, using Mesta as his office.

I often get a good feeling about new people who come for a trial day at Mesta – a feeling that this person fits our community perfectly. It was like that with Deepak, too. Deepak is fun and easy to talk to, we’re always happy to have him at our coffee breaks.

Deepak at Mesta Coworking

”I work as an interaction designer for a company called Tobii, which is an eye-tracking manufacturer. We make sensors which track your eyes and can clearly say where you are looking at either on a screen or in the real world. So it could be a device on your laptop or glasses that you wear. People use it for all kinds of purposes, like assisted technology for people who are disabled, for research purposes and also for gaming.”

”I used to work at office, but during COVID time I was working from home. We have a studio, so it’s not very easy – we used to fight a lot with my partner. And that’s what made me look for a coworking space where I could work and meet more people. I live very close by, and I was looking for something where I could walk to instead of taking a metro. I really like the place, because it has a very warm, cozy feeling.”

"I really like the place, because it has a very warm, cozy feeling."

”My workdays have of course become more organized. I like the whole idea of waking up in the morning, getting dressed up and going somewhere for work. Now I wake up at a time, have my breakfast at home, get ready, I walk here –  and then I have a time when I stop and return home. So there’s a clear separation between home and work, which wasn’t the case earlier. Earlier I would wake up and see I’m late for a meeting…and in the evening I’d notice it’s 8 o’clock already and I didn’t realize.”