Eman found a coworking space closer to home

”I’m Eman. I am an email conversion strategist and copywriter. So I write emails that make money for online businesses.”

Eman working at Mesta Coworking

”I moved from the UK, and I had a coworking space there. So when I moved to Helsinki, I knew that I wanted to work in a coworking space again and be around other business owners. 

It was a Facebook ad that led me to Mesta. I was actually already on another coworking space, but I’m having a baby, so as I was getting heavier it was becoming more difficult to go to the coworking space because it was quite far away. And so I wanted to find one that was a bit closer to home.”

”At Mesta I’m much more productive, I get stuff done.”

When I came to visit, I really liked the cozy feel. I like that Mesta is family run, and also that it’s around so much greenery. I can sit in the park and have lunch there. 

At Mesta I’m much more productive, I get stuff done. I’m excited to go to work, because I have a dedicated place to go. It’s also great that Mesta is open 24/7. If I want to stay home in the week, I know that I can take Monday and Tuesday off and then come in on a Saturday if I need to. So it helps me live a more flexible working life as well.”