Podcast Studio Guide: To remember while recording

At our podcast studio you can make recordings yourself with easy-to-use equipment.

Please read all four guide blog posts before your first time using the podcast studio and reserve enough time at the start and at the end of your session so that you have enough time to set any configurations on the equipment and transfer the completed files to your computer.

The instructions on how to make a recording can also be found on the studio’s wall.

Guide to Mesta Podcast Studio:

1. Upon arrival
2. Initial configurations
3. To remember while recording
4. Transferring files

In this third part of the blog series we will go through some important things to remember during recording. These pointers help you to ensure good voice quality and avoid problems in the post-processing of the audio.

Before recording

Our studio is soundproofed and acoustic

Our studio is sound-insulated and acoustic. When the door is closed, no sound from the outside that would be recorded by the devices can enter the room. And no one outside the sutdio can hear what you are talking about inside.

You can mimize disturbing voices inside the studio by following these tips before starting the recording:

  1. Close the door properly.
  2. Put all your and your guests’ devices on silent and turn off vibration.
  3. Adjust the microphone stands before starting the recording

During the recording

  1. Talk into the microphone from a close enough distance, and at a maximum of a fist’s length. Put the round pop filter in front of the microphone, it shouldn’t be touching the microphone however. It will soften any louder sounds in the speaker’s voice.
  2. Avoid moving your head when you are talking into the microphone. Instead of turning your head you can move your eyes and look at other speakers in the room.


  1. Use headphones. K The headphones are used for a reason – only through them you can hear what is actually being recorded, notice any possible disturbing voices or if you are not talking into the microphone.

Test first – remember you can always edit the recording

It is worth making a short test recording before starting the actual recording and checking that everything sounds as it should. Another good way is to record about 15 seconds of silence at the beginning of the recording. It helps the editor if there is a need to remove some background sound from the soundtrack.

When recording, do remember that you can edit the recording afterwards. It’s ok, if you mix up your words, you can just do the part again and cut out any failed parts later.

You can also pause the recording by pressing the REC button. You can then also listen to the material you have recorded on your headphones directly on the mixer. To listen on the mixer choose Settings (icon in the upper left corner of the touch screen) > Podcast.