Podcast Studio Guide: Upon arrival

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At our podcast studio you can make recordings yourself with easy-to-use equipment.

Please read all four guide blog posts before your first time using the podcast studio and reserve enough time at the start and at the end of your session so that you have enough time to set any configurations on the equipment and transfer the completed files to your computer.

The instructions on how to make a recording can also be found on the studio’s wall.

Guide to Mesta Podcast Studio:

1. Upon arrival
2. Initial configurations
3. To remember while recording
4. Transferring files

In this second post of the blog series we go through how to find the studio inside the coworking space.

How to find the podcast studio at Mesta Coworking

Upon arrival

When you arrive at Mesta, go in through the coworking space door. You were sent an email containing personal code and instructions on how to get in when you made the booking. Please note that you need a smart phone and internet access to open the door! You can use your code to get in 15 minutes before the start of your booking so that you can prepare everything in the studio before your booking starts.

We have two important rules – please follow them at all times:

1. Mesta has a no-shoes policy, so please leave your shoes and coat in the rack near the entrance. You can borrow wool socks and slippers from a basket near the entrance, and inside the studio you can also find shoe covers for your guests.

2. There are people concentrating on their work in the coworking space and especially in the quiet room. Please do not disturb them! When you need to talk with someone, please do so inside the studio or in the kitchen. Always close the door to the studio properly when recording or speaking inside. 

You’ll get to the studio by walking through the coworking space to the quiet room (“Hiljainen huone”) (see the map above!). You’lll see the door to the podcast room on your right. You can enter the studio with the same code as the coworking spce, but remember to choose studio door in the link you received by email.

You can get coffee and tea from the kitchen to serve to your guests. There is milk for coffee in the fridge. Please put any used cups to the dish washer after you are done.

Podcast Studio Guide:
Initial configurations