Looking for a room to work in for a day, week or month?

Herttoniemen Mestalle on rakentumassa pieni työhuone. 

When you rent your Own Room at Mesta, you get your own peace and quiet for the period you need. Along with storage space and all the facilities of our coworking space. Own Room features an adjustable desk and chair, storage space and a water point. A view to our green backyard opens from the window.

If you got curious about an Own Room at Mesta, be in touch!

Own lockable room

There's a lock on the door, so you can safely keep your belongings in your Own Room.

Water point

There's a water point in Own Room - making it suitable for artists.


Fast. Obviously.

Coffee & tea

Always included. You'll find coffee beans from a local roastery and a variety of teas in the kitchen.

Office stuff

Printer, scanner and monitors are available in the coworking space.