Why can I not purchase a day pass or book a trial day for today?

Entrance to Mesta is by a personal code, which we at this point create and email to you manually. We don't always have staff present at Mesta, so you cannot enter without a code. Even if we try to be as quick as possible, it's best to make any purchases and bookings at least a day before, so you're sure to get your code and entrance instructions in time. In the future, this will all be automated. 

How do I enter Mesta?

After purchasing a day pass or a membership, you will receive a personal code and entrance instructions by email. You will need your smart phone with internet connection for entering. The code will be tapped into your mobile phone. Our door opens with Pindora

If you don't own a mobile phone, but you would like to visit Mesta, please be in touch: mirka@mestacoworking.com.

I am at the door and can't get in!

Call us: 040 510 8622 / Mirka or 044 7444 140 / Arto. We can open the door for you remotely. And we also have plan C. 

Does Mesta have a phonebooth/wifi/printer/lockers?


I have a 5 days / 10 days per month membership, but I didn't use all my days during the month. Can I move the unused days over to the next month?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. 

What if I want to end my membership or switch to another one?

All of our memberships can be ended with one month notice. If you want to switch to another membership, you can do so starting from the beginning of next month.

I am interested in organizing an art exhibition at Mesta. Does it cost something?

We have two walls in the coworking space for exhibitions - these are completely free! Our coworkers are happy to see changing exhibitions, and other people may visit the exhibition by booking a date beforehand. If you wish to organize an open exhibition in our negotiation room, ask for an offer.

Why Kotka?

We collaborate with a company from Kotka, Finarte. All of our beautiful carpets are from Finarte, and our space in Kotka is located in their premises. 

Who is behind Mesta Coworking?

Mesta Coworking is an independent coworking space run and founded by Mirka and Arto. You can read more about us here.

Why does Mirka always say she will tell dad, if something at Mesta needs fixing?

The other founder of Mesta Coworking is Mirka's dad. Arto takes care of all renovations, furniture and other physical stuff at our spaces. Dads are the best. 

If you didn't find the answer to your question, ask: mirka@mestacoworking.com