Meet up and work together with your team.

Are you looking for a space where you could regularly meet with your team and work together?

Get a meeting room and all services of the coworking space on set dates for a fixed monthly fee. You can add flexible coworking memberships for your team members. 

Ask for an offer: / 040 510 8622.

Easy to arrive

Only 250 meters from Herttoniemi metro station. Free parking along the street.

Own space

Meeting room reserved for your team. Own entrance from the street.

Flexible space

Tell us what you need and we will arrange the room accordingly.

Coffee & tea

Changing tea selection and fresh coffee from locally roasted beans.

Coworking space available

You can also use our coworking space during your team days. Offer coworking memberships to your team members.

Flipcharts and whiteboard

Draw your ideas freely on our flipcharts and whiteboard walls.

Big screens

Present on a 65" screen or use our projector.

Remote conferencing

Rent a 360° conference microphone and movable webcam for your event.