Podcast & video room

Record your podcasts and video
with better acoustics and equipment


Soundproof space with acoustic panels.


Blue Microphones Yeti microphone, Radius III shockmount and desktop boom arm.

Ring light

Neewer ring light with adjustable brightness and color temperature.


Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam. Full 1080p HD -video recordings and HD 720p video calls.

Do you want to upgrade the quality of sound and image on your podcast or vlog? Do you need a space with better acoustics and technology for your recordings or video conference?

Our podcast/video room is your solution, when you can't get the quality you want at home, but booking a fully fledged studio is too much. The room is located at our coworking space, 250 meters from Herttoniemi metro station. 

The soundproof room features acoustic panels and all the necessary equipment: 

  • Blue Microphones Yeti condenser microphone is suitable for a variety of recording situations. Accessories: Blue Microphones Radius III shockmount and Compass boom arm.
  • Neewer ring light is dimmable with easily adjustable color temperature. You can fix your camera, mobile phone or webcam to the ring light. Accessories: adjustable tripod.
  • Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam enables full 1080p HD video recordings and HD 720p video calls.

Minimum rent of the podcast/video room is 60 euros, including: 

  • 2 hours in the podcast/video room
  • microphone, webcam and ring light
  • all day access to the coworking space - edit your material instantly!
  • coffee and tea 

Additional hours in the podcast/video room 15 EUR / hour. 

For members of Mesta Coworking (at least 10 days / month plan): first 2 hours 40 EUR, additional hours 10 EUR / hour. 

Advance bookings only!

Ask more or make a booking: mirka@mestacoworking.com

60 EUR / 2 hours
15 EUR / additional hour
150 EUR / day