Virtual Office - a business address at Mesta

Virtual Office is a practical solution when your company doesn't have an office and you don't want to use your home address as your public business address. 

We forward your letters to you by email, and you can pick them up at Mesta in Herttoniemi. When you need a place to meet clients or partners, you get a 50 % discount on bookings in our meeting room. You have access to our coworking space for one day per month. If you want to use our coworking space more often, you can combine Virtual Office with any coworking membership: our memberships start from 5 days per month.

Sign up for a Virtual Office and move your business address to Mesta!


How does Virtual Office work?

1. You can use an address at Mesta Coworking as your business address.

2. We open, scan and email to you all letters your receive at Mesta, once a week.

3. We store your letters in a locked space for the time period specified in the agreement.

4. You can pick up your letters from Mesta by setting up a pick up time with us.

5. We take care of shredding your letters, if you don't pick them up during the storage period.


One free coworking day per month. 

50 % discount on meeting room bookings.

paid monthly

Flexible contract with monthly payments. Termination notice period 1 month. Only for already registered companies.

50 EUR + VAT / month

Plus starting fee 50 EUR + VAT

paid yearly

Pay the whole year at once and get two months for free. The contract renews automatically.

550 EUR + VAT / year

Business Address

Your business address at Mesta Coworking.


Receive your letters at Mesta.

Mail Forwarding

We open, scan and email your letters to you.


We store your letters in a locked space.


You can pick up your letters at Mesta.


We shred your letters, if you don't pick them up.